We bring to you the essence of Potato with NO Fat, Sugar and Cholesterol


“POTO”, Potato flakes offered by ASCON AGRO PRODUCTS LIMITED and marketed by PAILAN FOOD LTD, is one of the highest quality product rated in domestic and international market.

Nutrition Facts
Per 100 g
Energy KCal 361.6KCal
Protein 9.08 g
Total Carbohydrate 79.5 g
Dietary Fiber 3.07 g
Total Sugar 0
Total fat 0
Saturated Fat 0
Unsaturated Fat 0
Trans Fat 0
Cholesterol 0
Sodium 0
Calcium mg 16.42 mg
Magnesium 53.81 mg
Vitamin C 6.41 mg
Product Specification
Potato Flakes
Potatoes are cleaned, sliced, blanched, cooked, dried to form potato flakes to the required size and density.
Creamy white and yellowish colour flakes
Potatoes, Anti Oxidants, Permitted Stabilizing and Emulsfying Agents and Permitted Class II Preservatives.


Analytical Data
8.0% maximum
Density, tapped
Particle size
0.2 – 8 mm (can reduce as per order)
Reducing sugar
3% maximum
Shelf Life
12 months from the date of manufacture
Unique features of POTO potato flakes
1.POTO potato flakess have controlled moisture levels which allow the multipurpose application that is not possible with fresh potatoes.
2. Uniform text and texture help in maintaining the quality of the end product.
3. Shelf life of more than 12 months helps in better planning and optimal usage.
4. POTO potato flakes being light weight are easy to transport and does not require specialized storage as the product does not require refrigeration and needs to be kept only in ambient conditions (cool and dry place).
5. Comparative cost is also low as the yield per kilogram is five times more because of the 5:1 rehydration ratio.
6. Oil absorption is low when fried as in the process of frying half of the water evaporates and oil replaces the water in the fried stuff. Since the moisture content in fresh potatoes is >78%, more oil gets absorbed when fresh potatoes are fried in comparison to dehydrated POTO potato flakes.
7. Apart from its usage as a substitute of mashed potato, dehydrated   potato flakes can be used as a nutritional base food and a neutral product that complements a variety of ingredients.
8. They can stand alone or be used as an ingredient in baked goods, frozen food, ready- to- eat meals, soups, sauces and snacks.
9. POTO potato flakes are enriched with additional minerals and antioxidants to increase nutritional value and shelf life, hence   better than fresh potatoes.
10. Mash from dehydrated POTO potato flakes is substantially similar to mash of fresh potatoes in their nutritional qualities, about two thirds starch by dry weight, similar amounts of protein, dietary fiber and vitamins.
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